DeLuca reappointed Democratic chairman of House Insurance Committee

HARRISBURG, Jan. 6 – State Rep. Tony DeLuca, D-Allegheny, was reappointed this week to the post of Democratic chairman of the House Insurance Committee.


"The Insurance Committee oversees a wide range of products that cover most people's daily lives," DeLuca said. "Most residents have some sort of life, health and auto insurance, but there are many other products which are regulated as well, including homeowners or renters insurance, home title insurance and even financial products such as annuities.


“As Democratic Chairman of the Insurance Committee, I have requested the committee to begin the discussion of transparency for pharmaceutical costs since health insurance policies pay for the bulk of the costs of most prescriptions written today," DeLuca said. "I will also be reintroducing my Pharmaceutical Cost Transparency bill from last session.


"Runaway costs of pharmaceuticals continue to be in the forefront of our news headlines. It is important to remember health insurers pay a majority of the costs for these drugs, while our constituents are also seeing increases in their insurance premiums, in part, because of prescription costs. The committee needs to review what is driving drug pricing overall. Transparency in pricing will help all parties involved and I am pleased to be the chairman of the committee which is undertaking this review."


DeLuca has held the chairmanship of the committee since he was first appointed in 1999.