DeLuca calls on State Government Committee chairman to consider his election reforms legislation

HARRISBURG, April 11 – In an effort to create a more open and equitable election process in Pennsylvania government, state Rep. Tony DeLuca, D-Allegheny, sent a letter to state Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, majority chairman of the House State Government Committee, urging him to move a number of election process and financial pieces of legislation.


In the letter, DeLuca called on Metcalfe, R-Butler, to consider H.B. 945, which would allow for same-day voter registration; H.B. 946, which would allow early voting starting 15 days before Election Day; H.B. 947, which would require elected officials to resign from their current position before running for a different elected office; and H.B. 951, which would require campaigners to move back 35 feet from a polling place.


“In last year’s presidential election, less than 62 percent of all eligible Pennsylvanians voted,” DeLuca said. “While that number is slightly higher than the national rate of 58.1 percent, it is nothing to be proud of. Two out of every five voters did not let their voice be heard.


“This group of bills all have the goal of making voting easier and more convenient for all Pennsylvanians. Why would Chairman Metcalfe not want to consider legislation that would make voting a more representative process for our commonwealth?”


DeLuca’s letter also asks Metcalfe to consider H.B. 948, which would limit salary that legislators receive for services rendered outside their legislative position to 35 percent of their base legislative salary, as well as H.B. 949 that would require legislators to divulge sources and amounts of outside income.


A copy of the letter is available here.