DeLuca: New brochure offers help to drivers switching insurance

HARRISBURG, May 4 – State Rep. Tony DeLuca, D-Allegheny, said a brochure is now available for drivers who switch automobile insurance and may not know how or whom to inform of the change.


The brochure, “You Just Changed Auto Insurance Now What?” provides information from the Pennsylvania Insurance Department as to how consumers can coordinate with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to avoid confusion when switching auto insurance companies.


“Sometimes the smallest thing like switching your car insurance and forgetting to inform PennDOT, can cause a disruption with your vehicle registration,” DeLuca said. “That is why this brochure is so helpful, because it acts as a guide of what you need to know when changing your car insurance.”


Contrary to what many drivers believe, your insurance carrier is not required to notify PennDOT that you switched insurers, DeLuca said. They are only required to inform PennDOT when your insurance has been canceled. If a driver fails to report their new insurance, they receive a letter and if they don’t respond to that, they could incur fees and have their vehicle registration suspended.


The brochure also provides information on what to do should you feel your insurance company has terminated your coverage in error or if you have a general question or complaint.


DeLuca serves as Democratic chairman of the House Insurance Committee.