Fox Chapel Area High School awarded Civic Engagement Gold Level Award

HARRISBURG, June 6 – Last week, Fox Chapel Area High School was awarded the governor's Civic Engagement Gold Level Award, commemorating the efforts of the next generation of leaders to educate, engage and inform their fellow students on how they can get involved in the voting process.

Through the leadership of their peers, an impressive 85.3 percent of Fox Chapel Area High School's eligible seniors registered this year to vote, DeLuca said.

The award was presented by Peter Speaks, deputy secretary for regulatory programs for the Pennsylvania Department of State. The award is co-sponsored by the Department of State, the Pennsylvania Department of Education and Inspire U.S., a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that offers guidance to students on how to conduct a voter registration drive.

DeLuca said students gave presentations to their peers during social studies classes. They then followed up with their classmates to see if they could be of assistance during the registration process. 

They also held a voter registration drive during lunch periods, DeLuca said.

DeLuca was invited to participate in the awards program, and he presented citations that he drafted from the House of Representatives to the high school’s administration and the 12 seniors who led the registration project.

"This remarkable voter registration project is proof that you take the future of your hometown, your county, your state and your country seriously," DeLuca told the students. "You have demonstrated that you fully understand the importance of one's civic duty and comprehend that the single, most powerful tool to effect change is to faithfully cast an election ballot."

"May you always be as excited as you are today about voting and this freedom we enjoy,” he said. “You are a credit to your families, your teachers, your school district and yourselves.  I could not be more proud of you and hope you inspire every other area school district to follow your lead."

DeLuca's district includes parts of O'Hara Township where Fox Chapel Area High School is located.