Delloso’s office to host drive for neighbors to secure their unclaimed property

RIDLEY PARK, Oct. 28 – State Rep. David Delloso’s office will provide unclaimed property assistance for members of the community on two dates this week.

Delloso’s office is hosting this drive in an effort to help his neighbors claim what is rightfully theirs in a safe and secure manner. Pennsylvania Treasurer Joe Torsella is currently seeking the owners for more than $3.5 billion in unclaimed property.

“Recently a member of the community arrived in our office to show us an email that promised to secure an old paycheck if he paid a fee,” Delloso said. “Uncertain about the email’s legitimacy, this member of the community made the correct decision to have my staff review the email. We helped this man avoid a potential scam and helped him secure an old paycheck – free of charge.

“We are hosting this drive to let our neighbors know my trained staff is ready to help you search and obtain your unclaimed property.”

Constituents are encouraged to visit Delloso’s office during his “Claim What’s Yours” drive between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 30 and Thursday Oct. 31. Delloso’s office is located at 605 E. Chester Pike, Ridley Park. The service is offered free of charge for all members of the community. 

For more information, contact Delloso’s office at 610-534-1002.