State lawmakers announce $250K grant for Delaware County District Attorney's Office

HARRISBURG, March 11 – State Reps. Rep. Margo Davidson, Leanne Krueger, David Delloso, Brian Kirkland, Jennifer O’Mara and Mike Zabel from Delaware County announced today the Delaware County District Attorney’s Office has been approved for a $250,000 Local Law Enforcement Grant through the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board

“This grant will provide the Delaware County District Attorney’s Office with the funds needed to identify, prevent, deter and prosecute unlawful gambling,” said Davidson, who chairs the House Democratic Southeast Delegation. “This grant delivers needed funds to our county.” 

The Local Law Enforcement Grant Program is embodied in §1408(c) of the Gaming Act for the purpose providing grants to local law enforcement agencies to “investigate violations of and enforce laws relating to unlawful gambling in this Commonwealth.”

“This important state funding allows for the development of increased prevention and law enforcement here at home,” Krueger said. “These state funds will help the Delaware County District Attorney’s Office maintain and improve the safety and security in our communities.” 

The approved grant will fund a task force staffed by an assistant district attorney and one detective to combat illegal gambling in Delaware County.

“These state funds provide the opportunity for increased training, which will allow our communities to see the benefits of this grant for years to come,” Kirkland said.

The grant amount for the Delaware County District Attorney’s Office was the largest permitted through the program.

“Trying to lower our school property taxes will always be an important issue for me,” Delloso said. “Slot machine revenues are used to fund general school property tax reductions, so combating illegal gambling is one important part of that process.”

The PA Gaming Control Board approved the grants at a meeting Wednesday.

“Illegal gambling operations skirt the rules and provide zero tax dollars, which is an important and often-times overlooked aspect in the reason why Pennsylvania needs to continue to prosecute these cases,” Zabel said.

The PA Gaming Control Board recognizes March as Problem Gambling Awareness Month. The board launched a new website,, on how to recognize warning signs of a gambling problem. 

“Illegal gambling lacks the integrity and regulations put in place at the state level to protect residents of our community,” O’Mara said. “This task force has the important job of protecting citizens and making sure tax revenue is collected.”