House Labor and Industry Committee approves Donahue contractor bill

HARRISBURG, June 25 – Today, the state House Labor and Industry Committee approved legislation (H.B. 2360) introduced by state Rep. Kyle Donahue that would establish a construction contractor verification system.

“This form of contractor identification is not new,” Donahue said. “Many other states already require something similar for contractors to be able to do business within the state’s borders. This bill would foster transparency in Pennsylvania’s construction industry and help level the playing field for responsible commercial construction contractors who operate with integrity and follow the state’s laws and regulations.”

Donahue noted that this bill is not intended to be a professional/contractor licensing law. Additionally, the state does not require most construction contractors to have any kind of technical occupational license to operate statewide – only crane operators and asbestos abatement contractors are licensed by the state.

“I wrote this legislation to be very basic so that it can be bipartisan. It is intended for tracking and assistance for consumer protection and to ensure that contractors are complying with existing laws,” Donahue said.

Donahue added that this bill would require construction contractors and subcontractors to complete a simple verification form that certifies they are legally operating in Pennsylvania and allows workers, consumers, and other individuals to easily identify construction businesses, which is already required for all home improvement contractors in Pennsylvania.

The bill now heads to the full House for consideration.