Donatucci disappointed by refinery closure and layoffs

PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 21 – In response to the shutdown of the Philadelphia Energy Solutions refinery yesterday and the resulting layoffs, state Rep. Maria Donatucci, D-Phila., issued the following statement:

“The Philadelphia Energy Solutions refinery has been vital to our economy for over 150 years. Closing this site, which is the largest of its kind on the East Coast, is a nearsighted solution that doesn’t fully consider the impact of the loss of 1,000 good, family-sustaining jobs at the refinery, as well as thousands of jobs at other companies that are affected by the refinery’s operations. Also, thousands of people across the region will see increasing prices at the gas pump and for in-home oil heating. 

“The refinery has filed for bankruptcy before and I worked with many parties to prevent its shutdown and save jobs then. I’m disappointed that a solution couldn’t be reached at this time to help PES stay open for the employees and contractors who worked there. Although a handful of staff will be kept on board to keep the refinery stable until its fate can be determined, our community will feel the impact of this loss immediately. I always try to find the balance between the environment and economics and I’m continuing to look for a viable solution. 

“I am hopeful that more answers will emerge about the cause of the fire and the future of the refinery site as the investigation wraps up and the PES Refinery Advisory Group holds public meetings to find a path forward.”

Donatucci’s office, located at 2901 S. 19th St., is available to help residents identify state government-related resources that may be helpful during this time.