Donatucci resolution recognizes ‘Rainforest Awareness Month’

HARRISBURG, April 13 – The Pennsylvania House of Representatives today approved a resolution authored by state Rep. Maria Donatucci, D-Phila./Delaware, designating May 2016 as “Rainforest Awareness Month” in Pennsylvania.

“Our rainforests are slowly but surely disappearing, and it’s largely manmade reasons that are causing them to suffer,” Donatucci said. “We contribute to climate change, chop down trees, mine for precious metals, and drill for oil, and all of these habits are hurting our rainforests. We must take responsibility for our actions and help to reverse their devastating effects.”

The Rainforest Foundation US recognizes May as “Rainforest Awareness Month” each year to help publicize the importance of this ecosystem and the growing destruction of it.

RFUS reports rainforests once covered 12 percent of the Earth’s surface, but now make up only 6 percent. The organization estimates land the size of one football field is destroyed every second, leading to a loss of 32 million acres of rainforest annually.

“Our rainforests help absorb carbon monoxide into the atmosphere and play a key role in controlling flooding, erosion and siltation by absorbing large amounts of rainfall and later releasing it as a constant supply of clean water, overall making our world a better place,” Donatucci said. “We can’t forget about them simply because they’re thousands of miles away. I’d like to thank my colleagues for their approval of House Resolution 795, and I hope this resolution can start a dialogue about how to better protect our environment for future generations.”