Driscoll introduces legislation to outlaw untraceable firearms, require homemade/DIY firearms have identifiable mark from licensed dealer

HARRISBURG, Aug. 6 – State Rep. Mike Driscoll, D-Phila., has introduced legislation that would outlaw untraceable firearms and require firearms that are homemade or assembled from parts to have a serial number or other identifiable mark from a licensed dealer affixed to them.

“Right now, teenagers and people prohibited from purchasing firearms can legally buy gun parts that they can assemble into a firearm, allowing them a workaround to get firearms they would otherwise be unable to lawfully obtain,” Driscoll said. “The legislation I’ve introduced would make these untraceable firearms traceable and, in turn, stop the flow of these deadly guns in our communities.”

House Bill 1748 would also prohibit the possession, sale, delivery, transfer, manufacture, or advertising of DIY semiautomatic weapons, including the components of such firearms.

Among other things, the legislation would update Pennsylvania law to require that all firearms, prior to being manufactured or assembled, have a unique serial number or other identifying mark assigned and affixed to them by a licensed dealer, beginning July 1, 2020. Additionally, by Jan. 1, 2021, any person who as of July 1, 2020, owns a firearm that doesn’t have a serial number assigned to it must apply to a licensed dealer for a serial number or other identification mark and then engrave or affix that number or mark to the firearm.

“This legislation is a critical step toward keeping children and families throughout Pennsylvania safe,” Driscoll said. “We can save lives by keeping illegal DIY guns off the streets.”