Driscoll’s fallen firefighters survivors resolution adopted by House

HARRISBURG, May 8 – State Rep. Michael Driscoll, D-Phila., said adoption this week by the House of Representatives of the fallen firefighters survivors resolution he introduced recognizes the brave men and women who play one of the most important roles within our communities.

“Throughout the Commonwealth, thousands of firefighters put their lives at risk with each emergency response they make. Tragically, not all who respond to such calls make it back to the station alive,” Driscoll said. “It is fitting that we honor them, helping their survivors and recognizing the valuable contribution they make to our lives every day.”

House Resolution 194 designates May 8-14 as "Fallen Firefighters Survivors' Week" and May 12 as "Fallen Firefighters Survivors' Day" in Pennsylvania.

Driscoll said the resolution also recognizes the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation for being a pioneer in providing support programs and scholarships to the survivors. The organization offers preventative training to fire departments across the country with the goal of reducing line-of-duty firefighter deaths by 25 percent in five years.

“I’m proud to honor and thank those who help us, and express our gratitude for all the sacrifices made not only by the firefighters, but the sacrifices made by their families, as well,” he said.

Driscoll said it is extremely important to provide support to and empower the survivor families and fellow firefighters so they can continue making an impact in their communities.