Kinsey, Fitzgerald host news conference highlighting progress in combatting COVID-19 in Northwest Philadelphia

(Jun 02, 2021)

WYNCOTE, June 2 – State Reps. Stephen Kinsey and Isabella Fitzgerald, both D-Phila., today hosted a news conference at Oak Street Health to highlight the progress of the Northwest COVID-19 Coalition in closing the racial and ethnic disparity gaps in Philadelphia’s COVID-19 vaccine distribution. “From low survivability outcomes resulting in lack of access to adequate health care to being severely underrepresented in both testing and vaccine access, communities of color have been among of the hardest hit throughout the course of this pandemic,” Kinsey said. “As a legislator, I could not stand idle as my neighbors and community were suffering, which it was prior to bringing medical professionals, faith-based leaders and community activists together to form this grassroots coalition. We have been tirelessly informing residents on safety updates, expanding access to testing and, now, vaccinations. While I am thrilled about the success in seeing the number of vaccinated residents steadily climb, our work is far from over. We’re still encouraging folks to get vaccinated if they haven’t yet done so.” “At the outset of the pandemic and in the days that followed, it was very apparent where communities of color stood in terms of getting adequate health care, testing and eventually vaccines,” Fitzgerald said. “With numbers rising at an alarming rate, we felt it was incumbent upon us to Read more


Reps. Kinsey, Fitzgerald host COVID-19 vaccine news conference

(Mar 05, 2021)

PHILADELPHIA, March 5 – State Reps. Stephen Kinsey and Isabella Fitzgerald, both D-Phila., today hosted a news conference on bolstering COVID-19 vaccine accessibility in Northwest Philadelphia. They were joined by representatives from Rite Aid, Einstein Hospital and Chestnut Hill Hospital; state and city elected officials; and local community leaders. Today’s news conference comes after Kinsey and Fitzgerald, who represent the 201 st and 203 rd Legislative districts, respectively, in parts of Northwest Philadelphia, recently unveiled their Northwest COVID-19 Coalition—comprising local activists, clergy members, elected officials and medical professionals —aimed at providing free COVID-19 testing, information and other mitigation measures to residents in Northwest Philadelphia. In the wake of the vaccine rollout, the legislators at the helm of the coalition have now focused efforts to ensure historically disenfranchised groups and communities also have fair access to vaccine options, partnering with Rite Aid, which had recently announced that it will provide vaccines to city residents at its Ogontz Avenue location. Kinsey highlighted the disparities in cases among city neighborhoods and compared it to the equally disproportionate vaccine reception. “Philadelphia has been among the hardest hit during the pandemic and when adjusted by ZIP codes in neighborhoods that are predominately of Read more


Kinsey, Fitzgerald team up to provide free COVID-19 testing to Northwest Philly in honor of Dr. King’s legacy

(Jan 15, 2021)

PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 15 – State Reps. Stephen Kinsey and Isabella Fitzgerald, both D-Phila., announced they have teamed up to provide free COVID-19 testing in northwest Philadelphia to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dedication to community service. The legislators said the free testing will take place from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday, Jan. 18 at Martin Luther King Jr. High School, located at 6100 Stenton Ave., 19138. In addition to the free COVID-19 testing, Kinsey and Fitzgerald said free food will be provided and that they will be able to assist residents with any state government-related concerns they may have. “Doctor King emphasized the power of service in his activism, compelling everyone to do what they can to help their communities overcome obstacles and become better,” said Kinsey, who represents the 201 st Legislative District. “Our communities, along with others, are trying to overcome a great obstacle right now -- the pandemic. Providing free testing to residents across northwest Philadelphia, along with food and other vital necessities, I would say, is the epitome of Doctor King’s legacy. “During these very trying times both across the country and here in the commonwealth, it is imperative that we come together to do all we can to help our neighbors be safe, healthy and informed,” said Fitzgerald, who represents the 203 rd Legislative District. “I Read more


Fitzgerald receives committee assignments in Pa. House for 2021-22

(Jan 12, 2021)

HARRISBURG, Jan. 12 – State Rep. Isabella Fitzgerald, D-Phila., this week was appointed to four standing PA House committees, including Aging & Older Adult Services, Children & Youth, Human Services, and State Government. The committee appointments, made by Democratic House Leader Joanna McClinton, D-Phila./Delaware, are for the 2021-22 session of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. “The beginning of a new legislative session is always a busy but important time with committee assignments and other internal delegation and caucus elections,” Fitzgerald said. “We have a lot of work to do this session but I am looking forward to getting started and to working with these committees. Committee work is the important first step to all legislation and I’m ready to address the needs of our constituents through our committee action.” Fitzgerald is also a member of the Philadelphia Delegation and the Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus and is one of 32 female Democratic House members sworn in this session. Fitzgerald said her office can help with a variety of state-related services, including home heating, children’s health insurance, prescription drug and property tax/rent rebate assistance. Her office phone number is 215-549-0220 . More information is available by visiting her website at Read more


Fitzgerald takes oath of office for third term

(Jan 05, 2021)

HARRISBURG, Jan. 5 – State Rep. Isabella Fitzgerald, D-Phila., today was sworn in for her third term in office, representing the 203rd Legislative District. The noon swearing-in ceremony marked the beginning of the 2021-22 session of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. “Since the day I was first elected to the House, I have said that representing the people of the 203 rd District will not merely be a job, but it is my passion,” Fitzgerald said. “I will continue to work hard to bring resources and services to the district.” She is a member of the Philadelphia Delegation and the Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus, and is one of 32 female Democratic House members sworn in this session. Fitzgerald said her office can help with a variety of state-related services, including home heating, children’s health insurance, prescription drug and property tax/rent rebate assistance. The phone number is (215) 549-0220 . More information is available by visiting her website at Read more


Fitzgerald announces $2 million grant for Simons Rec Center

(Dec 29, 2020)

Fitzgerald announces $2 million grant for Simons Rec Center PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 29 – State Rep. Isabella Fitzgerald, D-Phila., today announced that a $2 million state grant will go to the Simons' Outdoor Renovation Project. The project will include new construction and renovation of the Simons Recreation Center. Renovation of the Simons Recreation Center will be funded by Philadelphia Rebuild, a city of Philadelphia multimillion dollar program that renovates recreation centers, parks and libraries. The project is in partnership with Mayor Jim Kenney and Councilwoman Cherelle Parker. The construction component of the project includes a new play area, track, multi-use athletic field, handball court and tennis courts. The renovation component includes renovation work on the existing recreation center building, specifically exterior improvements on the roof. “Projects like the Simons’ Rec Center are important to our community in so many ways,” Fitzgerald said. “I appreciate the fact that the governor continues to ensure funding for these projects, especially now while we are struggling in Covid, so that the residents of our community will benefit from this project down the line.” The grant money is part of the Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program, a commonwealth grant program that is administered by the Office of the Budget for the acquisition and construction of Read more


New Data Reveal Which Hospitals Are Dangerously Full. Is Yours?

(Dec 10, 2020)

Sharing this NPR story about hospitalizations across the nation including Philadelphia Read more


New COVID-19 Guidance for Philadelphia

(Nov 17, 2020)

Updated restrictions announced. Read more


Election results

(Nov 04, 2020)

The 2020 election is over. No new votes can be cast. But we still have many ballots to count to be able to have official, final results. Read more


Drop off your ballot or vote in-person on November 3

(Nov 02, 2020)

Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Read more


Find your polling place or return your ballot today!

(Oct 27, 2020)

For any help with voting, please contact my district office, and my staff will assist you. Read more


Newsletter: Shredding event and the 2020 Census

(Sep 16, 2020)

PA, shape your future – get counted. For everyone who doesn’t get counted, our community loses $2,000 every year. It’s less money for schools, roads and health care. You can fix this. It’s your money. Keep it in your community where it belongs. Read more


September 19 Shredding Event

(Sep 11, 2020)

Join my office on September 19! No walk-ins. Must be in vehicle to participate. Read more


Please opt-in to receive COVID-19 and legislative updates

(Sep 02, 2020)

According to the House rules, I need your permission to contact you 60 days before an election. This fall, that “blackout period” runs from Sept. 3 through the Nov. 3 general election. Read more


Fitzgerald lauds enactment of breast density screening and insurance law

(Jul 06, 2020)

HARRISBURG, July 6 – More women who are at higher risk for breast cancer will have affordable access to enhanced screening methods thanks to legislation signed into law last week, according to state Rep. Isabella Fitzgerald, D-Phila., a longtime champion of the measure. Wolf last week signed a bill (S.B. 595) that is substantially identical to legislation (H.B. 1245) Fitzgerald sponsored in the House over the past two legislative sessions. Specifically, the new law extends insurance coverage to breast cancer screening methods recommended for women with high breast density, such as ultrasounds and magnetic resonance imaging (MRIs). It also would cover other known risk factors, such as family history. “We need to ensure proper access to screenings to enable early detection of breast cancer in women with high breast density, those with a higher risk for the disease,” Fitzgerald said. “I thank my colleagues in the House and Senate for passing this important measure, and I thank Governor Wolf for signing this life-saving legislation into law. “I also must thank and recognize Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority for their ongoing efforts to bring awareness to this issue in communities of color, providing support and advocacy, as well as mobile mammography for women in need.” Fitzgerald held a public policy hearing in Philadelphia in the last legislative session to further explore why the screening mandate is necessary. Read more


Small Business Assistance grants available

(Jun 25, 2020)

Applications are expected to be available June 30 for a new program aimed at providing critical funding to local businesses hurt by the coronavirus. Read more


Happy Juneteenth and office re-opening

(Jun 18, 2020)

As our commonwealth transitions to life with the “new normal”, it is important we all stay in touch and continue to practice best public health guidelines to keep down the number of positive COVID-19 cases and related deaths. Read more


COVID-19 update: voting, Census 2020, evictions, PUA & more

(May 12, 2020)

Just wanted to take a moment to touch base with you and update you on some of the resources and services available to you in this era of COVID-19 as well as share information with you that will be helpful to you in the next upcoming weeks. Read more


Boyle, State Government Committee Democrats: GOP bills put profits over human lives

(Apr 07, 2020)

PHILADELPHIA, April 6 – Today, House State Government Committee chairperson Kevin Boyle, D-Phila., and other members of the committee released the following statements in response to H.B.s 2400 and 2376 , which House Republicans introduced to end stay-at-home social distancing measures and reopen statewide all retail and construction operations closed by Gov. Tom Wolf’s COVID-19 mitigations efforts: “What good is an increase in quarterly earnings if customers are dying? Of course, we will have to take steps to reopen stores to the public eventually, but communities will lose a lot more than money if we force them to open too soon,” Boyle said. “Experts on both sides of the aisle agree that we have one shot to reopen the economy, or we risk setting ourselves down an even worse financial path. Then, it will be even more clear that the human cost of these shortsighted bills will really have been for nothing.” "Today, the State Government Committee ran two bills that, as written, would diminish the efforts of the mitigation protocol currently in place in the commonwealth. We have yet to reach the ‘surge,’ and language is being proposed to potentially place citizens in jeopardy,” Rep. Pam DeLissio, D- D-Montgomery/Phila., added. “First, we need to protect the health and welfare of citizens. The robust state and federal packages of bills will help to keep citizens afloat for an Read more


Stay-at-home order extended, other COVID-19 updates

(Apr 03, 2020)

From the stay-at-home order extended to all schools closed indefinitely, here are the COVID-19 updates from the week of March 30 that you need to know. Read more