Frankel joins Gov. Wolf in vowing to fight abortion ban

Legislator: Efforts should be directed to improving health care, supporting new parents

HARRISBURG, Oct. 21 –As conservative lawmakers again seek to push an unconstitutional legislative agenda that would ban abortion in Pennsylvania, Democratic Chairman of the House Health Committee Rep. Dan Frankel has joined Gov. Tom Wolf in pledging his support for the reproductive rights of women everywhere.

“The six-week marker has nothing to do with fetal development and everything to do with taking decision-making powers away from pregnant people and handing it over to lawmakers,” said Frankel, D-Allegheny, who has long fought for reproductive rights. “The efforts of these lawmakers would be better directed to improving health care, increasing wages, protecting the environment and increasing access to education.

“I, and other members of the legislature, would be happy to have them join us in supporting access to health care and other support services for families, and together working for a Pennsylvania where families have the support they need to flourish, rather than blocking options for those who need them.”

Wolf, meanwhile, reiterated his administration’s opposition to such legislation again on Monday.

“Let me be clear: I will veto any abortion ban that is put on my desk. The latest bill, a six-week abortion ban, defies all practical understanding of modern women’s health care,” Wolf said. “These policies run counter to the notion of individual freedom and lack a sound scientific basis. Further, as we have seen in other states, these policies are detrimental to efforts to attract and retain businesses, entrepreneurs and workers.

“My administration is committed to reducing maternal mortality and giving women, children and families the support that they need to succeed. This should be our focus, not regressive policies that make it harder for vulnerable people making difficult and deeply personal decisions.”