Frankel hails Pa. Supreme Court ruling against gag rule on fracking chemicals

HARRISBURG, Sept. 28 – State Rep. Dan Frankel, D-Allegheny, praised today's state Supreme Court decision striking down the "gag rule" portion of a law that many doctors feared would limit their ability to discuss with their patients the chemicals involved in natural gas fracking.

"The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has protected patients and doctors by striking down the gag rule in Act 13 of 2012," said Frankel, the prime sponsor of a bill to repeal that portion of the law.

"Patients trust that their doctor is telling them the truth, the whole truth, and that their health is the doctor’s primary concern. We should protect that trust. Patients shouldn’t worry that they are on the receiving end of a political agenda when they go to the doctor," Frankel said. "And doctors and nurses shouldn’t have to choose between caring for their patients, or following a law that would have forced them to practice bad medicine."

Frankel also introduced a broader bill aimed at keeping politics out of the provider-patient relationship.

House Bill 1105, known as the Patient Trust Act, would prohibit government entities from requiring providers to care for patients in a way that is not considered medically appropriate or forcing providers to tell patients anything that is not medically accurate.