Frankel welcomes Wolf signature on pro-Israel law

HARRISBURG, Nov. 4 – State Rep. Dan Frankel, D-Allegheny, welcomed Gov. Tom Wolf's signing into law of legislation that will bar Pennsylvania from contracting with companies that boycott Israel.

"Israel is a democracy and a steadfast ally of the United States in a region where it can be difficult and even dangerous to be either, and this has been the case for nearly 70 years. Of course Pennsylvanians and Americans have diverse opinions on particular decisions of any Israeli government of the time, but as a society the vast majority of us do not want our tax dollars used against the economy of our fellow democracy and ally," Frankel said.

House Bill 2107 will ban the state from contracting with a company to acquire or dispose of supplies, services or construction unless the company certifies that:

  • it is not engaged in a boycott of persons or entities based in or doing business with a jurisdiction with which federal law allows the state to engage in free trade or commerce; and
  • it will not engage in such a boycott for the duration of the contract.

Frankel said that in the current environment, the new law will mostly affect boycotts and threats of boycotts against Israel. He noted that the new legislation specifically states, "Israel is America's dependable, democratic ally in the Middle East, an area of paramount strategic importance to the United States. It is in the interest of the United States and the Commonwealth to stand with Israel and other countries by promoting trade and commercial activities and to discourage policies that disregard that interest."