Frankel: 'Junk' insurance products are latest Trump attack on the Affordable Care Act

PITTSBURGH, Aug. 2 – House Democratic Caucus Chairman Dan Frankel, D-Allegheny, today issued the following statement on the federal government’s final rule on the expansion of short-term, limited duration health plans:

“I am dismayed and deeply troubled by the Trump administration’s latest attack on consumers and the Affordable Care Act. The president’s plan to expand the availability of short-term, limited duration junk health plans which fall far short of the insurance protections currently required under the ACA, is both dangerous and extremely short-sighted.

“These plans, which had previously only been available for up to three months, would now be available for a full 12 months with the option to renew for additional years. We know that such plans are not required to cover essential health benefits, prescription drugs or preventative care, and are unlikely to cover a consumer’s pre-existing conditions.

“It cannot be stated loudly enough: short-term, limited duration plans that don't cover essentials are not a meaningful substitute for major medical health-care coverage and should not be marketed as a realistic alternative.

“I look forward to working closely with the Wolf administration and Insurance Commissioner Jessica Altman, as well as my colleagues in the General Assembly, to do whatever is in our power to educate consumers about these dangerous short-term plans and mitigate any damage they may do."