Otten applauds nearly $700K in LSA grants

HARRISBURG, March 17 – State Rep. Danielle Friel Otten, D-Chester, today announced $699,500 from the Commonwealth Financing Authority has been approved for Local Share Account grants in the 155th Legislative District.

“These investments are needed to maintain our sewage systems, remove pollutants and repair flooding damage,” Otten said. “As our municipalities work to meet the challenges of population growth, higher operating costs, and the increasingly severe weather events we’ve experienced across the commonwealth, I’m grateful to see these funds going toward necessary repairs and cleaner, more efficient operation of local sewer and water treatment systems. New backup generators will ensure reliability, while restoration, repair and replacement projects provide the proper upkeep to keep these systems fully operational for years to come.”

The CFA approved funding for the following projects:

  • $350,000 for West Brandywine Township Municipal Authority’s Pump Stations Generator Replacement. The municipal authority operates three sewage pump stations around the clock to convey wastewater into the sewer system for treatment. The proposed project will replace the 13-year-old backup power generators at Culbertson Run and Friendship Village and the 20-year-old backup generator at the Ashberry pump station. The new generators will provide reliable standby power at the pump stations.
  • $249,500 for East Brandywine Township Municipal Authority’s Keats Glenn WWTP Improvements. The proposed project will ensure pollutants are properly removed to meet permit requirements, provide long-term operation to the facility, and reduce air and noise pollution in the community. The project includes repairs to a corroded steel sewage treatment tank, replacement of corrosive and antiquated disinfection equipment, a faulty process control panel, old electrical generator, metering and mechanical equipment.
  • $100,000 for West Brandywine Township Municipal Authority’s Pump Station Hatches. The proposed project will replace hatches on wet and dry wells at the Culbertson Run, Beaver Creek, Friendship Village and Reeceville Road pump stations. The new hatches will be watertight with vehicle stops to prevent damage from vehicles, and prevent damage to the equipment contained within the wells that has occurred during localized flooding events.

LSA funding is generated from casinos located in host or contiguous counties and are distributed by the Department of Community and Economic Development. They are designed to help economic development, job training, community improvement and public interest projects.

More information is available on LSA grants here.

For more information, contact Otten’s district office at 484-200-8259.