Galloway introduces legislation ensuring quality homebuilding materials, combatting water damage in homes

HARRISBURG, April 11 – A bill to protect Pennsylvanians from paying for faulty new-home construction was re-introduced in the state House this week by Rep. John Galloway, D-Bucks.


H.B. 879 was inspired by numerous Bucks County residents who have stated that their homes have deteriorated to the point of becoming structurally unstable under expected or normal amounts of precipitation. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, initially these water-damage claims were limited to stucco homes, but wider analysis reveals that many homes throughout the region and Pennsylvania made of brick, vinyl, stone and fiber cement are at risk for deterioration as well.


H.B. 879 would require building companies to register with the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office every other year and to use standardized construction contracts to better hold their work accountable when defects are found. The bill also would create the Home Builder Guaranty Fund, which would require builders to pay for any defects if they violated their contract with the homeowner.


Galloway said that this bill hopes to shed light on the specific rights that homeowners have when it comes to dealing with faulty construction.


“Purchasing a home is one of the biggest investments we make in our life,” Galloway said. “We must protect those homebuyers and hold companies accountable for their actions if they choose to take shortcuts or break rules.”


Galloway’s legislation is a part of the Democratic Caucus’ Plan4PA initiative which puts Pennsylvania residents first over special interests. Learn more about Plan4PA here.