Publications: Liquor

This document provides more detail regarding House Bills 991, 438, 975 and 1075.

This document is designed to update you and help you better understand the Liquor Control Board system in Pennsylvania.

This document contains a fiscal analysis of the House Republicans’ proposal to lease the wholesale liquor system In Pennsylvania and ultimately divest of the system. According to the committee’s estimates, House Bill 466 would result in a net loss of more than $20 million in the first year.

The House Democratic Appropriations Committee’s fiscal analysis of the House Republicans’ liquor privatization proposal (House Bill 466, PN 512) includes an overview of the fiscal impact, one-time revenue/costs, transition costs, recurring losses, the impact on consumers and the uncertainties associated with the one-time revenue.

Recently, House Republicans reintroduced their proposal to outsource the state liquor system despite the lack of support from the Senate last session for a nearly identical bill. This memo, from the chairman of the Appropriations Committee, outlines five key points to consider about the proposal.

This document offers detail regarding Liquor Store Privatization Proposal.