Harkins announces committee appointments for 2021-22 legislative session

HARRISBURG, Jan. 12 – State Rep. Pat Harkins announced today that he has been appointed to the House Professional Licensure, Liquor Control, and Game and Fisheries Committees for the

2021-22 legislative session.

Harkins said he is looking forward to playing an active role in developing legislative solutions that speed recovery to the community and small business owners.

“Even as we begin the normal committee work of reviewing new legislation, there is nothing normal about this year,” Harkins said. “With community businesses and working families struggling to get back on their feet, we will be laser-focused on moving bills that help return the commonwealth to more stable economic ground.

“In the months ahead, I will be working on promoting legislative solutions from the ground level, whether they involve expanding opportunities for licensed employees and constructive use of licensing fees, ensuring the most effective use of liquor sale revenue, or ensuring safe, affordable recreational opportunities for sportsmen and anglers.

“Above all, we will be working to ensure that legislation designed to speed recovery and improve life for residents makes it to the full House for a vote.”

The Professional Licensure Committee reviews bills involving licensing for qualified employees and businesses and includes businesses as diverse as funeral homes and cemeteries to auctioneers, pharmacists and beauticians.

The Liquor Control Committee handles legislation involving the state’s Liquor Code and oversees the operations of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board and the control of liquor by slot machine operators under the Gaming Control Board. The committee reviews any bills which pertain to the sale or distribution of alcohol in Pennsylvania.

The Game and Fisheries Committee reviews bills affecting the Game Commission and Fish and Boat Commission. Both independent entities rely on licensing and use fees for a significant portion of their funding.