Merski, Harkins applaud $3.3 million in tax credits for Erie County

ERIE, Nov. 21– Expanding on their joint effort to bolster Erie based services, facilities, and educational opportunities, with a distinct focus on reinvigorating neighborhoods, state Reps. Bob Merski and Pat Harkins, both D-Erie, announced today that Erie County will receive $3.3 million worth of state tax credits.

The Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development announced earlier this week that 26 projects across Erie County will be supported by these tax credits through an array of funding mechanisms via the Neighborhood Assistance Program. Tax credits worth $500,000 were awarded to renovate the Renaissance Center in Downtown Erie with plans to convert the historic landmark into a 200-room hotel that would serve as a destination for occasions ranging from weddings to work conferences.

Tax credits worth $206,205 will be earmarked to support renovations at the Martin Luther King Jr. Center, including a replacement of the facility’s roof, along with a complete kitchen upgrade. Additionally, Gannon University will receive tax credits of $247,000 that will be utilized to fund initiatives aimed toward combatting housing and food insecurity, crime, and blight.

“Receiving these community-influenced tax credits is a game changer and will have a direct, positive influence on our local economy, neighborhoods and tourism industry right here in Erie County,” Merski said. “We continue to be encouraged by the incredible financial support Erie has been receiving from both the federal and state levels and will persist in advocating for more dollars to flow toward Erie based endeavors.

Harkins said, “Securing this support is a testament to the unwavering commitment to Erie’s standing in the commonwealth as we continue to propel our area into the future. None of this would be possible without the dedication and wherewithal of community leaders who want nothing more than to keep adding chapters to Erie’s success story.” 

A complete list of all the projects, along with their approved tax credit amounts, can be found here.