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Tele Town Hall on Criminal Justice Reform in PA

Miss the discussion? Catch up on the debate about the most important civil rights issue of our time.

Find out what your neighbors had to say during my Tele Town Hall

Miss the discussion? You can catch up on what your friends and neighbors had to say here.

Harris discusses Clean Slate law

Harris discusses clean slate law on KYW Radio  Read more

Rep. Harris joins Wake Up With WURD to discuss reforming the Criminal Justice System

Rep. Harris explains how he and House Democrats are working to ensure the justice system puts justice for the people first.

Rep. Harris joins Solomon Jones on Praise 107.9 to discuss the crisis in policing in our city and our state

Rep. Harris on how we need to take every opportunity to inform the people and improve the process.

Rep. Harris on KDKA Pittsburgh discussing "In God We Trust"

Rep. Harris joins KDKA Radio's Robert Mangino and Shelley Duffy to talk about what the House of Representatives should be focusing on to truly help our kids.