Harris issues statement on mass shooting in Kingsessing

PHILADELPHIA, July 4 – House Democratic Appropriations Chairman Jordan Harris, D-Phila., released the following statement on the mass shooting in the Kingsessing community of his district:

“Last night an individual armed with a weapon of war and clad in body armor killed five innocent people and injured two children in a seemingly senseless and random act of violence. Our community is mourning today and will continue to mourn until something is done about the public health crisis that is gun violence in Pennsylvania.

“This morning I visited the site with my colleagues from both the city and state level. We talked to neighbors who are scared to be in their own community. We saw the bike on the corner a child left behind and has yet to come back and reclaim. We can’t allow this to become routine. I will continue to communicate with city officials and state leaders and stress the utmost need to work together to stop these senseless tragedies from occurring.

“We must do more to address the root causes of this violence. We must do more to get weapons of war off of our streets. We must do more to provide mental health support for people who are struggling. We must acknowledge that this is not just a city issue. It is a suburban issue and a rural issue. Gun violence touches every county in Pennsylvania, and until we collectively as a society decide to address these issues, we’re going to continue losing family members, friends, and neighbors to this scourge.”