House Democrats Secure Funding, Tuition Freeze for State-Related Universities, Ensuring an Affordable World-Class Education

Harrisburg, PA – Pennsylvania House Democrats today approved legislation that would provide critical investments to our state-related universities while ensuring greater transparency by the universities and instituting a tuition freeze at the universities, ensuring that higher education remains affordable for more than 70,000 Pennsylvania students.

The House passed House Bill 612, providing a 7% increase in funding to Penn State University, the University of Pittsburgh, and Temple University and a 25% increase in funding for Lincoln University. The bill also freezes tuition increases at the universities for the 2024-25 school year. This week the House also passed legislation with overwhelming support that would ensure greater transparency by making the state-related universities subject to certain provisions of the state’s Right to Know Law. 

“For months, House Democrats have worked to provide our world-class state-related universities with critical state budget investments to ensure that tuition for students remains affordable. Today, we have put forth another measure that not only provides this funding, but also holds the line on next year’s tuition rates to further support our hard-working students,” said Majority Leader Matt Bradford, D-Montgomery. “House Democrats did not relent in our efforts to invest in our state-related universities despite roadblocks from a handful of extremists, and now we have sent the Senate multiple opportunities to invest in our universities and our students. We urge the Senate to take up this bill immediately.”

“Every Pennsylvanian has a friend, a relative or a co-worker who attends or attended one of our world-renowned state-related universities,” Speaker Joanna McClinton, D-Phila/Delaware said. “By blocking this funding, Republicans put our students, universities, and communities at risk, but I’m proud that today we secured funding for these schools and a tuition freeze for students.”

"Through unwavering determination, House Democrats have stood united in their support of the commonwealths students,” said Majority Appropriations Committee Chairman Jordan Harris. “We have fought the opposition because we believe that every student who chooses higher education in our state should have the option to do so affordably, right here in our state.  Despite obstacles, we persistently pursued investments, extending opportunities for our universities and students. Today, we stand firm, advocating for accessible education and a freeze on future tuition hikes. By supporting our state-related universities we reaffirmed our commitment to success of our young people.”