Hill-Evans announces $250,000 grant to help veterans, American Legion Post 127

YORK, Jan. 15 – State Rep. Carol Hill-Evans, D-York, announced a grant for $250,000 from the Department of Economic and Community Development has been approved for the Charles E. Williams American Legion Post 127. The money will be used to renovate its current building to increase the number of services it provides, including serving meals for homeless veterans.

“It was a great honor to work with the Department of Community and Economic Development for this worthy cause,” Hill-Evans said. “This grant will have a long-lasting and positive impact for the York community, allowing Post 127 to provide more services for our veterans and allow Post 127 to host events and open its doors to more people.”

The grant will provide Post 127 with the funds needed to expand its office space, creating an area where veterans’ assistance organizations can work with veterans on disability applications, as well as housing and medical benefits.

The grant also includes money needed to add a kitchen, events hall, youth activity center and handicapped-accessible bathroom. The grant will provide Post 127, located at 57 W. Cottage Place, with the funds needed to acquire the tools and spaces needed to assist more people, host more events and be self-sufficient in the years ahead.

“Figures from the United States Housing of Urban Development still places last year’s total of veterans who experienced homelessness at about 40,000,” Hill-Evans said. “I think I echo the sentiment of many people when I say, even one homeless veteran is one too many. Post 127 is taking the steps needed to serve these men and women who for years selflessly served our country.”

Hill-Evans office, located at 53 E. North St., Suite 3, remains open and her staff is ready and willing to work with residents in applying for grants for nonprofits, schools, museums and businesses. The latest list of available state grants, including application deadlines, can be found on her website, RepHillEvans.com