Hill-Evans commends Shapiro’s budget proposal investing in the commonwealth

HARRISBURG, March 7 – State Rep. Carol Hill-Evans, D-York, said she stands behind several measures in Gov. Josh Shapiro’s 2023/24 state budget, including investing in education and economic development and believes that it will create opportunities for growth in the central Pennsylvania region.

“We have reformed the House to make our government more responsive to all of its people, and this proposal for a commonsense budget will build on the people’s needs for a bright future,” Hill-Evans said. “I am confident in the governor’s proposals for education, support of local businesses, and safety of residents of the commonwealth from youth to our seniors.

“Governor Shapiro’s proposal finds solutions to everyday problems Pennsylvanians face. We want to improve our schools and make sure that every child has the access to quality education and safe learning environment no matter the ZIP code. It would not only help people gain access to an efficient education but provide more funding for career and tech schools and continue to provide universal free breakfast for all Pennsylvanian students.

“This budget would expand the Property Tax Rent Rebate Program for our seniors and disabled Pennsylvanians. Everyone deserves a roof over their head, and this program keeps our vulnerable community safe and in their homes. Raising the maximum rebate and increasing the income cap for renters will help 175,000 more residents on top of those who already qualify.

“We must protect employees’ rights and ensure that everyone is treated with respect. Under this plan we would finally, after 14 years, raise the state minimum wage. We all work hard and that should not go unnoticed by employers or financial institutions in place. Locally owned businesses bring value to this commonwealth, many Black or Latino owned, yet they face barriers to state funding. This budget proposes funding for a Historically Disadvantaged Business Program to support their growth and bring more opportunity.

“Improving the lives of residents is my top priority, and I look forward to negotiating with my colleagues in a bipartisan manner for the people of the region and commonwealth.”