Hill-Evans announces $45K in state funding for York County ‘digital literacy’ program

YORK, Aug. 18 – The York County Literacy Council will receive a grant to bolster its program that helps job seekers improve their digital literacy skills so they can be more likely to succeed in their employment endeavors, state Rep. Carol Hill-Evans announced Friday.

YCLC said it will use the grant, which will likely be $45,000, to teach adults how to navigate digital communication as well as the basics of internet safety. They’ll learn how to find digital content and assess its trustworthiness, and how to create and share their own online communications – skills that nearly all of today’s employers require.

“We’re going to see two types of benefits by growing this digital literacy program. On an individual basis, it will teach crucial skills to people who need employment but have been disconnected from other educational opportunities due to circumstances such as homelessness, growing up in foster care, and disability,” Hill-Evans said.  

“It will also support our workforce development efforts. Pennsylvania’s labor pool is in need of new, skilled workers. By providing people with the means to gain the digital skills required by employers, we’ll provide relief to sectors struggling to find qualified employees.”

YCLC is one of 16 programs across the state to receive this grant funding through the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry’s Digital Literacy and Workforce Development program.