Unemployment Compensation Program

"In an effort to deter the long waits, overloaded call systems and staffing issues of the previous years, my colleagues and I worked feverishly on House Bill 1915, Act 60 of 2017 to assure it got to the governor’s desk prior to the end of the 2017 session.  This measure aims to fund a four-year operating period of the Unemployment Compensation Program (UC).

Based upon the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry’s recent update, we can now report that the UC program, while still in recovery, is showing progress as additional support staff return to work.  In the meantime please be advised, residents can access the toll free UC contact number (1-888-313-7284) or visit in person their local CareerLink site, where there are dedicated phone lines at each center.  There is one bus schedule available for the local York area that transports directly to the site, which is the Rabbit Transit 6N Route. This route runs from York City to Manchester Borough (includes industrial parks in Manchester Township, East Manchester Township, and the York City Industrial Park where CareerLink is located at 841 Voglesong Road, York).  Please visit the following websites for the latest schedule and map route. Your patience is much appreciated during this time of transition."

York area bus schedule to CareerLink:


York area map route to CareerLink: