Hohenstein applauds $340,000 grant to help fund Bridesburg Riverfront Park construction project

State Rep. Joe Hohenstein today announced a $340,000 state grant has been awarded to the Delaware River City Corporation to help move the Bridesburg Riverfront Park project forward. 

Hohenstein said the funding is through the Department of Community and Economic Development's Local Share Account and will go towards the first phase of construction, which includes:

  • Site work.
  • Environmental remediation. 
  • Parking.
  • Landscaping, utilities and a restroom facility.  

"This new park will take 10-acres of greenspace right in our backyard and transform it into a place that provides great views and outdoor activities for all ages to enjoy across our communities and beyond," said Hohenstein, D-Phila. "I applaud the collaborative effort on the state and local levels that has made this project a reality, and I look forward to seeing it through to its completion." 

Hohenstein added that the second phase of the park development will include a stage pavilion, picnic pavilion, terraced lawn seating and a river boardwalk.

“We are deeply grateful for this support,” said Stephanie Phillips, executive director of Riverfront North Partnership.  “Our parks are an integral part of our neighborhoods and personal wellbeing. Riverfront North Partnership has been working with the City of Philadelphia and our elected officials to build this park for the community. We look forward to connecting people back to their riverfront.”

"This announcement is further evidence of the tireless advocacy of Representative Hohenstein to bring critical resources to this important community project," said Councilmember Bobby Henon. "I look forward to continuing to work with the Bridesburg community, Riverfront North Partnership and the representative to ensure that the Bridesburg community has the incredible waterfront park and trail access they deserve."

“I want to thank the leadership at the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development for funding such an important project,” said Parks & Recreation Commissioner, Kathryn Ott Lovell. “Once complete, the Bridesburg Riverfront Park will be a sustainable, well-maintained public space that will improve the quality of life for Bridesburg residents and strengthen community bonds.”

Construction is expected to begin in 2021.

LSA funds may be used for economic development, neighborhood revitalization, community improvement, and public interest projects in the City of Philadelphia, which you can read more about on DCED's website