Hohenstein calls for unity in eradicating hate and violence

PHILADELPHIA, March 19 State Rep. Joe Hohenstein, D-Phila., joined colleagues and citizens across the nation in expressing his deep disappointment in and concern for the dangerous rhetoric and violence against Asian American Pacific Islander people, especially in the past year.

“The mass murder of eight people, eight souls in Georgia on Tuesday is tragic and heartbreaking and a sickening reminder of the discrimination and hate that exists and persists in our nation,” Hohenstein said.

“On the same day Stop AAPI Hate released a telling report about the more than 3,700 incidents of hate and bigotry against Asian American Pacific Islander people living in the United States from March 19, 2020, until February of this year, six Asian women were mowed down by hate, misogyny and xenophobia and were added to these alarming statistics.

“The hate against Asian American Pacific Islander people did not start a year ago, and it’s not just committed by the type of people who would storm the U.S. Capitol with confederate flags on full display. What distresses and angers me to the core is the active participation and instigation of this bigotry by government officials like former President Trump and Texas Congressman Chip Roy. The way our own Senator Nikil Saval was treated by some of his colleagues when he spoke out against Asian American bigotry on Wednesday is appalling.

“COVID-19 has brought out the best in so many people, as we joined together over the past year to protect one another from the virus by wearing masks and social distancing and reaching out to those who are sick and suffering with help and support. Let’s join together now with that same commitment and enthusiasm to stamp out hate, xenophobia, misogyny and violence wherever it exists and stand up for one another as brothers and sisters on this same Earth.”