Howard: Online site launched to support EpiPen insurance coverage legislation

MALVERN, Sept. 6 –Pennsylvanians can help make the EpiPen available to all children by signing an online petition sponsored by state Rep. Kristine Howard, D-Chester. 


The petition supports Howard’s upcoming legislation that would require any state-regulated health insurance company to cover the cost of doctor-prescribed, medically necessary epinephrine pens for children under age 18. 


More than 100,000 Pennsylvania children suffer from food or insect allergies, and over 1,000 of these children have an allergy so severe that an exposure could be fatal Howard said many low-cost short-term insurance plans that low-income families rely on do not cover EpiPen injections for their children.


“Our kids shouldn’t die from allergies because insurance companies won’t cover the cost of an EpiPen,” said Howard.


The online site would send a message to Speaker of the House Michael Turzai; Republican Leader Bryan Cutler; Rep. Tina Pickett, chairwoman of the House Insurance Committee; Rep. Kathy Rapp, chairwoman of the House Health Committee; and the sender’s state representative requesting them to pass the legislation.


Howard said, “I’m encouraging everyone to join me in the fight to make our children’s health a top priority in Harrisburg.”


The online petition can be found here.