Harris works to take clean slate movement nationwide

PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 16 – This week, state Rep. Jordan Harris, D-Phila., attended two roundtable events with the Center for American Progress to announce the launch of a national bipartisan clean slate campaign.


On Thursday, Harris joined the group to discuss how automated record-cleaning would help to reverse both the immediate and long-term consequences that criminal records impose on future education, employment and housing opportunities.


“So many people have done what was legally required of them, but have been unable to become fully productive citizens again,” Harris said. “Taking this movement nationwide will improve the economy, create jobs and provide hope to those who had a criminal conviction from decades past and have turned their lives around.”


Today, Harris joined the group for a discussion on how to harness technology to close the second-chance gap without legislation.


Harris said this campaign seeks to undo the effects of one-sided policy that has been in place across the country for decades. Currently, one in three Americans has a criminal record and is subject to 50,000 potential restrictions on jobs, housing, credit and other basics.


These events come one month after Harris lauded Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester, D-Delaware, for introducing H.R. 6677, which would automatically seal a person’s federal record if they have been convicted of a nonviolent offense under section 404 of the Controlled Substances Act and any federal nonviolent offense, including marijuana.


In June, Gov. Tom Wolf signed H.B. 1419 into law, establishing the first clean slate laws of any state. The bill was co-authored by Harris and state Rep. Sheryl Delozier, R-Cumberland.