Rabb-introduced legislation calls for immediate fair public school funding

HARRISBURG, March 22 – State Rep. Chris Rabb, D-Phila., today introduced legislation that would push the General Assembly to commit itself to full and fair funding of Pennsylvania’s public schools.

House Bill 961 would require that 100 percent of state funds for public schools immediately be distributed through the fair funding formula. It also would acknowledge that significantly more funding is required to ensure each school district has enough resources to educate its students.

“As state legislators, we have a constitutional obligation to properly fund our schools. I would hardly call Pennsylvania’s current school funding model fair but rather one that sets our young people up to fail,” Rabb said. “Our schools receive a mere fraction of what they should be getting, which handicaps our students and strips them of critical opportunities.

“I am leading the charge to require all of the state public school funds be distributed through this formula to certify our kids have the resources and tools needed to give them the best chance at success.”   

While the Basic Education Funding Commission unanimously agreed in 2015 to provide 100 percent funding to public schools through the fair funding formula, only 9 percent of 2018-19 state funds is currently being distributed to schools.