Rabb to be Democratic vice chair of House Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee

HARRISBURG, March 29 – State Rep. Chris Rabb, D-Phila., today announced his appointment as Democratic vice chair of the House Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee.

“Agriculture is much more than just farming and putting seeds into the ground. More Pennsylvanians – especially who live in urban areas -- need to understand how important this industry is to our families, to our communities, to our metro areas, and to our state as a whole,” Rabb said. “We must invest more into urban agriculture and inform young people entering the workforce that agriculture offers a diversity of opportunity and isn’t just for rural residents. It can happen in Philadelphia, whether it’s creating a garden, a vertical farm, or working with a food co-op.

“We should envision vacant lots as entrepreneurial opportunities for the betterment of communities and the people who live there. By doing so, we can help beautify our neighborhoods and eradicate food deserts that are so predominant throughout Philadelphia. Agricultural issues are also frequently bipartisan matters that can build bridges between rural and urban priorities,” Rabb said.

In his role as vice chair, Rabb will be responsible for conducting committee meetings when the chairman is absent and support any subcommittees that may be created.

“I am very pleased to have Representative Rabb serving as a vice chair on our committee,” said state Rep. Eddie Day Pashinski, committee chairman. “He is a conscientious representative who has demonstrated his commitment to the Agriculture Committee and his district by staying on top of innovations in agriculture such as industrial hemp cultivation, hydroponics, organic farming and other matters that impact urban life as well as rural.”

In addition to the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee, Rabb serves on the Commerce, Finance, Judiciary and Policy committees, and serves as the founding chair of the House Democratic Caucus’ Equity Committee.