Burgos to take on leadership role in agriculture policy

HARRISBURG, March 29 – State Rep. Danilo Burgos, D-Phila., today said he was appointed to serve in a leadership role with the House Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee, a committee not normally linked with city lawmakers.

Burgos, who is a member of the committee and will now serve as Democratic secretary, said the  Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee reviews bills that directly affect Pennsylvania’s agriculture industry, including food safety and processing, transportation, marketing, weights and measures and farm equipment and production. It also works in conjunction with the Department of Agriculture on boards and commissions related to agriculture.

“I am both humbled and honored to take a leadership role on the House Agriculture Committee, and I look forward to working alongside my colleagues to continue to tackle the agriculture concerns of our state, including food safety, food security and supporting the number one industry of our state,” Burgos said. “As a city lawmaker, not normally associated with dairy farms, corn fields and mushroom farms, I am excited to bring a different perspective to this committee.”

Burgos said adding city legislators to the leadership fold will continue to help shape the committee in the image of the state.

“City legislators within this committee means that we have the opportunity to continue to tackle the state’s agriculture issues, but with more of a balance,” Burgos said. “Philadelphia participates in Pennsylvania’s farmer’s market food voucher programs, and with the recent closings of some supermarkets in the city, we have unfortunately seen an uptick in food deserts, something I and others aims to fix.

“Food insecurity is not only a rural Pennsylvania issue, it’s an issue in Philadelphia as well, making this appointment that much more important,” he said.