Boyle legislation to ban business with nation of Brunei

Condemns new law for death by stoning or whipping of LGBT people

HARRISBURG, April 3 – As the nation of Brunei enacts a new law today that implements stoning or whipping to death under anti-LGBT laws, state Rep. Kevin Boyle is calling on the commonwealth to end any business investments with that country.

“This new law is inhumane and violates international human rights laws. It is medieval and should not be tolerated by anyone,” said Boyle, D-Phila. “While we here in Pennsylvania certainly can’t change the laws in Brunei, we can certainly punish the nation for its abhorrent actions of discrimination by cutting investment ties with it and any businesses located in Brunei.”

Boyle is currently seeking co-sponsors for his legislation that would require the Public School Employees’ Retirement System, the State Employees’ Retirement System, the Pennsylvania Municipal Retirement System, and the state Treasurer's Office to no longer invest in companies that do business with Brunei.

“For humanity’s sake, we cannot stand idly by and be associated with countries that commit such acts of abuse. These places, including Brunei, create risk and undermine the value of Pennsylvania’s investments,” Boyle said.

Boyle said his proposed legislation would amend Act 44 of 2010, known as the Protecting Pennsylvania’s Investments Act, which already divests commonwealth-funded investments in Iran or Sudan, or with any company from either of those countries.