Rep. Kenyatta pens letter to Gov. Wolf urging relief for essential workers in Pa.

PHILADELPHIA, April 8 – In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, state Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta, D-Phila., today penned a letter to Gov. Tom Wolf, expressing his gratitude for the governor’s swift pandemic mitigation responses, and requested immediate relief and assistance to Pennsylvanians employed in essential industries.

In his letter, which was endorsed by the United Food and Commercial Workers union and currently has over 47 signatures -- including leadership and three delegation chairs -- Kenyatta pointed out that Pennsylvanians working at jobs deemed essential are still lacking essential benefits, while they put themselves at risk to ensure many other Pennsylvanians are provided food, medicine, gas and other necessities.

“Despite tactics to undermine leadership by the governor and his administration, Pennsylvanians commend his actions in keeping us all safe during this trying time,” Kenyatta said. “Those actions should also include active recognition that many of our neighbors on the frontlines working essential jobs continue to do so without proper provisions like hazard pay and expanded sick leave, among other crucial benefits. These heroes cannot be forgotten, and they deserve assurance and security.”

A link to the letter can be found on Kenyatta’s website.