Davidson calls on majority leaders to serve the people

HARRISBURG, April 15 – State Rep. Margo Davidson, D-Delaware, called on the leadership of the majority party in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and Senate to serve the residents of Pennsylvania rather than pushing their own agenda with an eye toward acquiring more power during this current health pandemic.

“I cannot believe what I am seeing in Harrisburg,” said Davidson, who is the chair of the House Democratic Southeast Delegation. “During the last two weeks, in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, we have been forced to watch Republicans ram through legislation in one shameless power grab after another. They want a task force to handcuff the executive powers of Governor Tom Wolf. They want to open companies for business as usual when COVID-19 cases are increasing by a hundred or more every day in Delaware County and people in my hometown are dying. They say they can open businesses safely when healthcare professionals, doctors and epidemiologists say that’s not possible.

“As I said in my remarks on the House floor, ‘I say NO to death, and I say NO to increased sickness and hospitalization.’ I voted ‘NO’ to putting essential workers and healthcare workers at greater risk." Davidson said.

“Who are you going to trust with the wellbeing of your family and loved ones: House Speaker Mike Turzai or a doctor? I stand with the doctors; I voted against this legislation.”

Just hours after the state announced more than 1,100 new cases of COVID-19 and a death toll that now approaches 600, only Republican members backed a bill that would open businesses with no hazard pay and no guarantee of personal protective equipment for frontline workers.

“The bottom line is, people are hurting and we could actually be working on legislation to help the people of Delaware County and this state,” Davidson said. “My office has experienced a deluge of calls from residents struggling to navigate the process of filing for Unemployment Compensation. I have residents who filed on March 17 who still have not received a PIN. Forget for a moment the fact that Republican leadership in the Senate gutted this department when they failed to properly fund it in 2016 after a bipartisan bill to properly fund it passed the House. Right now, we could funnel funds to help fix the problem. Yet, what have we witnessed? Republicans are after more power instead of fixing the problem of their own creation that lays at their feet.”

Davidson is the first African American woman to head the 35-member Pennsylvania House of Representatives Democratic Southeast Delegation. Her election as delegation chair marked the latest in firsts for Davidson, who was also the first Democrat, the first African American and the first woman to represent the 164th Legislative District, as well as the first Delaware County woman ever elected to the state House. She also chairs the Democratic Women’s Caucus and is a member of the bipartisan Ladies of the House Caucus. Elected to the House in 2010, Davidson is celebrating a decade of service with proven results.