House unanimously adopts Matzie resolution designating October as ‘Wine, Wineries and Grapes Month’ in Pa.

HARRISBURG, Oct. 21 – The PA House on Tuesday unanimously adopted state Rep. Rob Matzie’s resolution designating October as “Wine, Wineries and Grapes Month” in Pennsylvania.

Matzie said he introduced H.R. 1046 to highlight the major contributions made by Pennsylvania’s wine and grape industry, which traces its history all the way back to William Penn.

“With nearly 300 wineries and hundreds of grape growers farming more than 14,000 acres, Pennsylvania’s wine and grape industry plays a vital role in our economy,” Matzie said. “It’s estimated that each year, the industry produces more than 2 million gallons of wine, generates more than $1.4 billion annually and creates nearly 10,000 jobs paying more than $390 million.

“Pennsylvania also has a fascinating historical connection to wine production – William Penn planted the first vineyard here more than 330 years ago. Today, the industry is not only thriving but provides a major source of tourism revenue, as our wineries, vineyards and trails draw more than 2 million visitors annually.

“The commonwealth’s rich, fertile soil plays an essential role in the success of the industry, but ultimately, it is the proud efforts of the men and women who work in our vineyards and wineries that make this industry the vital, economic driver that it is and supply Pennsylvanians a taste of a product that is uniquely ours.”