Frankel, community mark anti-Semitic attack, remember those lost

Urges General Assembly to act against rise in hate crimes

PITTSBURGH, Oct. 27 – State Rep. Dan Frankel released the following statement today, marking two years since an anti-Semitic gunman attacked the three congregations in the Tree of Life building:

“My community has mourned together, and we are walking the winding path of healing together. Those most affected by the attack can each tell stories of the ways that the worldwide outpouring of love and support over the last two years has brought glimmers of light to what can be a very dark journey.

“We, in the General Assembly, have the power to stop other communities from suffering as Pittsburgh’s Jewish community has suffered since October 27 of 2018. As hate crimes rise in Pennsylvania and throughout the world, we cannot allow another year to go by without sending a message to those who would use hateful acts to spread fear within vulnerable groups.”

Frankel represents the neighborhood of Squirrel Hill, which has long been the heart of Pittsburgh’s Jewish community. He attended countless celebrations and events at the Tree of Life building over the years, and happened to be down the street when the gunman began his attack on the Tree of Life *Or L’Simcha Congregation, New Light Congregation and Congregation Dor Hadash.

Since that day two years ago, which was the deadliest attack on Jews on American soil ever, Frankel has worked to create and build support for legislation that would modernize Pennsylvania’s laws for the internet age and provide the tools to address a growing trend in violence against vulnerable groups.

“Today, we remember those who we lost two years ago, and the survivors, the fellow congregants, the families and everyone for whom the world was forever changed on Oct. 27, 2018,” Frankel said. “Let us hold them all in our hearts as we find ways to make a better world.”