House Democratic leaders urge patience, remind the people the election is final when all votes are counted

HARRISBURG, Nov. 2 – As Pennsylvania prepares for tomorrow’s election, PA House Democratic leaders issued the following statement assuring Pennsylvanians their vote will count, and that attempts to ignore the will of the people will not be tolerated. 

 “The 2020 election – like 2020 itself – has been unprecedented, but one fact remains: In our democracy, the voters get the final say, not candidates or their lawyers, no matter who that candidate is. Every citizen who votes on Tuesday, as well as every citizen who delivered his or her vote timely and legally via mail ballot or at a county election office or drop box, will be counted. We want to commend, ahead of time, the hard-working election officials and poll workers in Pennsylvania who will be going above and beyond over the next few days to make sure the vote count is complete and accurate.

 “Voters can help poll workers and election officials by being patient – this year’s record-breaking turn-out at the polls and through mail-in ballots means the count will take time. A complete count is far more important to our democracy than a quick count. PA House Democrats advocated for months to convince Republicans to join us in giving counties the extra time needed to process ballots this year. Unfortunately, they refused to act. They cannot now turn around and use that obstruction to deprive people of their votes or their voice.

 “In anticipation of any effort to end counting prematurely, or change the way Pennsylvania honors the choice of its voters, PA House Democrats have consulted the experts at the Pennsylvania Legislative Reference Bureau – the nonpartisan legal office of the General Assembly. They agree that any attempt to erase the election results, including a rumored attempt to ignore the votes of Pennsylvanians and move to instead have the Republican controlled General Assembly pick its own presidential electors, would require changing Pennsylvania law to strip citizens of their right to vote for the president and then pass a concurrent resolution naming new electors – all of which would then have to be approved by the governor.

 “It’s regrettable that such an undemocratic move is even being discussed, but 2020 is a year unlike any other.

“We thank the voters and assure them they will be heard, and their votes will be counted – no matter how long it takes.”