House Democratic leaders remind Pennsylvanians: Republicans can’t change the rules

HARRISBURG, Nov. 4 – Responding to President Trump’s just-filed lawsuit demanding to stop the vote count in Pennsylvania and throw away the votes of millions of Pennsylvania citizens -- of all political parties -- and the Republican leaders of the PA House and Senate casting doubt on state and county election officials, House Democratic leaders released the following statement today:

“The results of the election are not final until every lawfully cast vote is counted. To suggest otherwise is an insult to the millions of Pennsylvanians who voted -- whether in person or by mail -- as provided by the legislature with near-unanimous Republican support.

“Our elections are decided by the people, not one man’s ego. We call on Republicans to join us to defend the integrity of our free, fair and open elections.

“We must be patient and give state and county election officials the time they need to count every vote. Most importantly, we must respect the results, no matter the outcome.

“Today is just another step in a long pattern of voter suppression, creating chaos and shaking people’s faith in the process. Trump claims mail-in ballots are fraudulent with absolutely zero evidence. He installed a postmaster general who has disregarded court orders not to slow down processing of mail in swing states. He has encouraged Republicans throughout the country to deny extra time to prepare mail ballots for counting – which directly led to Trump’s call for stopping the vote count. State Republicans are demanding the resignation of the state secretary of state when Republican leaders wholly bear the blame for any and all delays after repeatedly ignoring requests by both the Wolf administration and the counties to allow more time to prepare ballots before recording them on Election Day.

“The people will be heard. The votes will be counted – no matter how long it takes.”