Boyle: House GOP continues reckless attempt to undermine trust in elections with zero evidence of any impropriety, fraud

HARRISBURG, Nov. 23 – State Rep. Kevin Boyle, Democratic chairman of the House State Government Committee, again denounced the ongoing recklessness of House Republicans after they held yet another news conference Monday during which they called into question the integrity of the election process in Pennsylvania without evidence of any wrongdoing or impropriety. 

“Displeasure with the outcome of an election does not grant a person or party the right to undermine the integrity of that election, at least not here in the United States of America where our elections are free and fair,” Boyle said. “Several members of the House GOP have said repeatedly that they received complaints and concerns from some people about the recent election, and in their next breath acknowledged that no evidence of any wrongdoing or impropriety has been found. 

“Lawsuits filed by the Trump campaign have been deemed unfounded and then thrown out. No evidence of fraud or impropriety has been identified so none can be investigated, and yet, House Republicans held another news conference aiming to sow distrust in our election process,” Boyle continued. “We elected officials are charged with serving our constituents and their best interests. When our constituents bring to us a valid concern, we have a duty and obligation to help satisfy their concern. But in the case of invalid or misguided claims, we have an obligation to provide the facts. What House Republicans have been doing by fanning the flames of doubt and mistrust is irresponsible, baffling, and reeks of desperation.” 

On Monday, the House GOP held a virtual news conference, broadcast on GOP Facebook pages and other platforms, to talk about a document they unilaterally compiled titled “Overview of Accomplishments, Changes and Challenges Relating to Elections in Pennsylvania.” Boyle said the report, much like the graphics House Republicans used in their virtual presentation on Monday, “are more theater and PR pieces to undermine the administration and our fair election rather than evidence to show fraud.” Several times during the news conference, Republicans mentioned the goal of the GOP is to have the election process in Pennsylvania “go from chaos to excellence.” 

“This general election was held with the largest voter turnout ever, in the midst of a global pandemic. This election was held without cooperation from the GOP to allow counties the weeks of necessary time needed for preparation or pre-canvassing of mail-in and absentee ballots prior to Election Day. Despite these factors, while the 2020 election process in Pennsylvania wasn’t perfect, it was far from chaotic,” Boyle said. “It is time for the House GOP to stop these political games and allow us all to move forward.”