Frankel calls on GOP to end baseless political attacks, focus on pandemic

Lawmaker says Pennsylvanians need tangible relief, not rhetoric this holiday season

PITTSBURGH, Dec. 1 – As the number of infections and deaths in Pennsylvania continue to reach new heights, Rep. Dan Frankel called on his GOP colleagues to stop their barrage of specious legislation and baseless political attacks and to join with Democrats in helping the commonwealth weather the unprecedented storm of COVID-19.

“Our ICU beds are filling up, our economy is hobbled by a sickened workforce and consumers who feel unsafe in public, and a huge proportion of our children can’t go to school. Meanwhile, one of the first pieces of legislation introduced by Republican colleagues would call for the impeachment of Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice David Wecht,” said Frankel, the Democratic chair of the House Health Committee.

“The people of Pennsylvania are desperately trying to stay afloat, and they need our help. They need housing security, help with childcare, access to PPE, and assurances that they won’t be fired from their jobs when they need to quarantine,” Frankel said. “It is time cut the nonsense and get serious about the work of helping the people of this commonwealth.”