Lawmakers move to reintroduce eviction moratorium for PA

Bill would expand federal legislation, protect PA families

HARRISBURG, Dec. 22 -- While the extension of the federal eviction and foreclosure moratorium is good news for millions of Americans, it continues to leave many families vulnerable at a time when stable housing is more critical than ever.

Today state Reps. Elizabeth Fiedler, D-Phila., and Summer Lee and Sara Innamorato, both D-Allegheny, have moved to reintroduce a much-needed eviction and foreclosure moratorium specific to Pennsylvania and released the following statement:

“People need stable housing, now more than ever as we face the coldest winter months while COVID is at a peak. Furthermore, the state Department of Health plan for the vaccine relies upon a gradual distribution where people are able to stay home to maintain responsible mitigation and quarantine measures between doses. Housing is truly at the heart of our public and individual health.

“Since March 2020, experts have warned about the damage a post-moratorium free fall will have on our public health. Research coming out of the University of Pennsylvania predicts that even a 1% eviction rate alone would spike COVID-19 infections by 5% to 10% and lead to 1 death per every 60 evictions.

“Yet the new eviction and foreclosure moratorium is set to expire on Jan. 31. If we fail to act, thousands of Pennsylvanians across the state will lose their home. We must extend the moratorium. That is why we are reintroducing this essential moratorium to maintain basic housing protections for homeowners and renters alike through the remainder of this pandemic.

“Our legislation will, among other things, extend the moratorium 60 days past when the pandemic emergency declaration is ended. People deserve to make it through the pandemic without having to live in constant fear of upheaval and homelessness. We need to ensure folks will have enough time to get their legs back underneath them.

“We are proud to stand together to introduce this important protection for our communities.”