Bizzarro announces Policy Committee objectives for 2021-22 Legislative Session

Names subcommittee and vice chairs to tackle issues across the state

HARRISBURG, Jan. 12 -- State Rep. Ryan Bizzarro said he was thrilled to convene an organizational meeting of the Pennsylvania House Democratic Policy Committee and appoint colleagues from across the state to help lead the committee.

As the new chairman for the 2021-22 Legislative Session, Bizzarro said the committee will focus on COVID-19 recovery; economic and community development; education; infrastructure and jobs.

“Our main priority is working Pennsylvanians. We know this pandemic has ravaged many small businesses and we must craft meaningful solutions that help get people back to work. The pandemic has highlighted many inequities in how funding is distributed, how children are educated and the opportunities we must foster for a thriving state,” Bizzarro explained.

“The future of our commonwealth depends on crafting bipartisan solutions to these issues. Our colleagues have had the majority for quite some time and, despite their rhetoric, continue to favor profits over people. It’s time we come together for the benefit of all Pennsylvanians.” 

The chairman announced that state Rep. Elizabeth Fiedler of Philadelphia will serve as chair of the newly created Subcommittee on Progressive Policies for Working People. The subcommittee will focus on a fair and equitable criminal justice system; clean water and air; quality healthcare for all; housing as a human right; and economic policies that benefit the working class.

State Representatives Joe Ciresi, Austin Davis, Mary Isaacson and Peter Schweyer have been appointed to serve as vice chairs for the committee. Bizzarro said with their diverse geographic locations, the committee will have a voice in every corner of the state. They bring subject-matter expertise in business, education, local government, community and public service.

“We will contend with unique logistical challenges as a result of this pandemic, but I look forward to tackling them head on with our subcommittee chair and vice chairs,” Bizzarro said.

The chairman urges Pennsylvanians to visit for notice of upcoming hearings and to follow the committee on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.