Burns introduces legislation to get more parents involved in schools

Bill would require districts to create ‘Parent Involvement’ Program

EBENSBURG, Oct. 17 – An innovative legislator who isn’t afraid to try new ideas if they deliver results, state Rep. Frank Burns, D-Cambria, is proposing a bold change to the state’s Public School Code which would require public school districts to establish “Parent Involvement” programs, policies and committees.  

“We all know that students who have parents actively involved in their education have better test scores, grades and academic achievement,” Burns said. “What I am proposing is a system that would encourage that involvement and ensure that parents are partners in their child’s education.”

Burns’ proposed legislation, HB 2851, would direct districts to create programs that would identify resources for parents to supplement classroom instruction, and create a pathway to open communication between parents, teachers, and school boards regarding curriculum, academic goals and support programs.

“I’ve often heard from parents wanting to be move involved in their child’s education, but they don’t know how, or from teachers lamenting the lack of parental involvement in a child’s education,” Burns said. “My bill would break down barriers between educators and parents, and provide clear guidance and resources to both, so we can ensure families are getting the most out of their children’s education.”

Burns’ bill has been sent to the state House Education Committee for consideration.