Legislation to allow workers on strike to collect unemployment compensation advances to the House

Two states currently allow employees on strike to collect UC

HARRISBURG, Oct. 18 – The House Labor and Industry Committee reported out of committee H.B. 1481, sponsored by Reps. Mandy Steele and Dan Miller, both D-Allegheny.

H.B. 1481 would amend the Unemployment Compensation Act to allow employees unemployed due to a work stoppage to qualify for unemployment compensation benefits.

“In light of the ongoing strike for Pittsburgh Post-Gazette union members and the high concentration of unions in western Pennsylvania, we must protect employees by making them eligible for unemployment compensation,” Steele said. “With this bill, we may ensure employees can continue to provide for themselves and their families.”

Two states that border Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey, enacted legislation to make employees on strike eligible for UC, she noted.

The bill passed by a vote of 14-11. It now awaits a vote in the House.