Gergely introduces bill to enhance quality of donated plasma in PA

HARRISBURG, Oct. 30 – State Rep. Matthew R. Gergely, D-Allegheny, introduced a bill today that would ensure plasma donated throughout the state is suitable for subsequent use in health and medical forums.

The legislation (H.B. 1795) would require that source plasma, specifically, undergoes extensive testing upon donation and before it is ultimately integrated into essential pharmaceuticals. Gergely’s bill, co-sponsored by state Rep. Tim Briggs of Montgomery County, would also allow more focus to be devoted to developing such pharmaceuticals by eliminating a signification portion of subsequent testing conducted in labs during the clinical development phase.

“Plasma is vital for treating rare diseases, chronic conditions, and emergencies like trauma and burns,” Gergely said. “My bill would help ensure that PA has a safe and sustainable plasma supply necessary for bettering and saving countless lives.”

“In a world where plasma can mean the difference between life and death, we cannot afford to hinder the flow of this precious resource,” Briggs added. “By proposing legislation to align Pennsylvania's laws with federal standards for source plasma donation centers, we are taking a crucial step toward ensuring a reliable plasma supply for our state.”

In 2017 alone, approximately 30 million liters of source plasma were collected in approximately 40 million procedures in the United States, per a work published in the American Journal of Hematology.