Pielli’s artificial intelligence content disclosure bill passes PA House

HARRISBURG, April 10 – State Rep. Chris Pielli, D-Chester, said today his legislation (H.B. 1598) to require the disclosure of content generated by artificial intelligence, or AI, has passed the PA House of Representatives.

House Bill 1598 would require a disclosure on content generated by artificial intelligence for consumer goods.

“The bill is simple. If it’s AI, it has to say it’s AI,” Pielli said. “People deserve to know if what they’re looking at is real or not when making purchases. This disclosure will be clear and conspicuous in the same medium as the content generated to help consumers make better-informed and more secure purchases. We also hope to curb possible misinformation by malicious authors who knowingly or recklessly generate and spread this content with the goal of fooling the public.”

“Artificial intelligence is becoming a more prevalent component of our everyday lives,” he said. “As AI becomes more sophisticated, it will be impossible to verify the author of material and content produced. Additionally, the questionable veracity of some AI content has the potential to spread false information or images.

“The law puts a responsibility on consumers with ‘Buyer Beware’ requirements. But how can a consumer fulfill that responsibility when they don’t’ know if what they are looking at is real or not? What if seeing is no longer believing and the term ‘I saw it with my own eyes’ no longer has merit?

“As legislators we have to set a commonsense baseline helping our consumers make informed decisions and not be misled. This bill helps to set those guidelines. I thank my colleagues for standing with me in providing transparency for all Pennsylvanians.”

The bill now heads to the state Senate for consideration.